Acupuncture nj 

• Neuro-imaging studies show that acupuncture calms areas of the brain that registers pain and activates areas involved in rest and healing.
• Doppler ultrasound shows how acupuncture increases blood flow in areas being treated.
• Thermal imaging shows acupuncture reduces inflammation.
acupuncture for back pain

Many "acupoints" correspond to nerve bundles and muscle trigger points. Numerous meridians track major arteries and nerves - just like pain associated with a heart attack, which originates in the chest and radiates down the left arm to the pinky. This is the path of the Heart Channel in Chinese medicine theory. Gallbladder pain will tend to radiate to the right upper shoulder, this is also along the path of the Gallbladder Meridian.

Studies in the early 1980's showed how acupuncture released endorphins into the bloodstream. These are "feel good" chemicals, much like vigorous exercise produces. New research in acupuncture is implying there are several mechanism of action involved. For instance, increased blood flow and tissue repair at needle sites. There are nerve impulses to the brain to regulate the perception of pain and effect on autonomic nervous system, which governs unconscious body function like heart beat, respiration and digestion.

Just the Facts:

• A study involving more than 4,400 people with migraines found that acupuncture was equally or more effective than medications for reducing the frequency of migraines.

• German researchers conducted 11 studies on acupuncture and tension headaches involving more than 2,300 people and found that acupuncture relieved pain better than medication without side effects!

• A German study included 3,633 people with chronic hip and knee pain. It was reported that chronic pain from osteoarthritis can be reduced and/or eliminated and halted in its progression by acupuncture!

• Researchers in Arthritis and Rheumatism concluded "marked clinical improvement." Doctors found that patients who received acupuncture showed 36% improvement in pain, stiffness and everyday physical functioning, compared with the group that didn't receive acupuncture.

acupuncture nj


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